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Historical Atlases of Lower Merion

Combination Atlas of Montgomery County - 1877

The maps are in two formats: GIF - Graphic Interchange Format, a bit-mapped graphics file format and TIF - Tagged Image File Format, one of the most widely supported file formats for storing bit-mapped images. The size of the image file is expressed in kilobytes. Note that these are very large files.

Title Page 00010001.gif (129kb) 00010001.tif (350kb)
Table of Contents 00020002.gif (87kb) 00020002.tif (219kb)
US Climatological and Geographical Maps 00030003.gif (196kb) 00030003.tif (541kb)
History of Montgomery County/Sketches of Townships and Boroughs 00040004.gif (181kb) 00040004.tif (450kb)
History - Plate 2 00050005.gif (251kb) 00050005.tif (652kb)
History - Plate 3 00060006.gif (252kb) 00060006.tif (654kb)
History - Plate 4 00070007.gif (246kb) 00070007.tif (633kb)
History - Plate 5 00080008.gif (245kb) 00080008.tif (624kb)
History - Plate 6 00090009.gif (245kb) 00090009.tif (627kb)
History - Plate 7 00100010.gif (234kb) 00100010.tif (594kb)
History - Plate 8 00110011.gif (240kb) 00110011.tif (611kb)
History - Plate 9 00120012.gif (243kb) 00120012.tif (624kb)
History - Plate 10 00130013.gif (236kb) 00130013.tif (602kb)
History - Plate 11 00140014.gif (240kb) 00140014.tif (614kb)
History - Plate 12 00150015.gif (239kb) 00150015.tif (616kb)
History - Plate 13 00160016.gif (236kb) 00160016.tif (602kb)
History - Plate 14 00170017.gif (243kb) 00170017.tif (615kb)
History - Plate 15 00180018.gif (244kb) 00180018.tif (627kb)
History - Plate 16 00190019.gif (233kb) 00190019.tif (596kb)
History - Plate 17 00200020.gif (234kb) 00200020.tif (590kb)
History - Plate 18 00210021.gif (236kb) 00210021.tif (600kb)
History - Plate 19 00220022.gif (241kb) 00220022.tif (615kb)
History - Plate 20 00230023.gif (236kb) 00230023.tif (605kb)
History - Plate 21 00240024.gif (248kb) 00240024.tif (631kb)
History - Plate 22 00250025.gif (244kb) 00250025.tif (624kb)
History - Plate 23 00260026.gif (250kb) 00260026.tif (636kb)
History - Plate 24 00270027.gif (236kb) 00270027.tif (594kb)
History - Plate 25 00280028.gif (243kb) 00280028.tif (619kb)
History - Plate 26 00290029.gif (237kb) 00290029.tif (607kb)
Judges, Sheriffs, Post Offices, Population 00300030.gif (99kb) 00300030.tif (218kb)
County Officers - 1877 00310031.gif (141kb) 00310031.tif (481kb)
US Population by Counties, Plate 1 00320032.gif (226kb) 00320032.tif (627kb)
US Population by Counties, Plate 2 00330033.gif (241kb) 00330033.tif (669kb)
US Population by Counties, Plate 3 00340034.gif (168kb) 00340034.tif (406kb)
US Population, Principal Cities 00350035.gif (201kb) 00350035.tif (548kb)
World Map 00360036.gif (288kb) 00360036.tif (892kb)
United States Map 00370037.gif (498kb) 00370037.tif (1404kb)
Fairmount Park 00380038.gif (267kb) 00380038.tif (855kb)
Fairmount Park 00390039.gif (212kb) 00390039.tif (644kb)
Index Map of Montgomery County 00400040.gif (343kb) 00400040.tif (1001kb)
engravings of local scenes 00410041.gif (207kb) 00410041.tif (677kb)
engravings of local scenes 00420042.gif (237kb) 00420042.tif (779kb)
Norristown 00430043.gif (322kb) 00430043.tif (774kb)
engravings of local scenes 00440044.gif (221kb) 00440044.tif (742kb)
Norristown 00450045.gif (168kb) 00450045.tif (407kb)
Upper Providence 00460046.gif (293kb) 00460046.tif (793kb)
Lower Providence 00470047.gif (146kb) 00470047.tif (405kb)
Worcester 00480048.gif (126kb) 00480048.tif (313kb)
engravings of local scenes 00490049.gif (495kb) 00490049.tif (1056kb)
Towamencin 00500050.gif (122kb) 00500050.tif (279kb)
Lansdale, Skippackville 00510051.gif (152kb) 00510051.tif (337kb)
engravings of local scenes 00520052.gif (231kb) 00520052.tif (709kb)
engravings of local scenes 00530053.gif (206kb) 00530053.tif (634kb)
Perkiomen 00540054.gif (149kb) 00540054.tif (345kb)
Whitpain 00550055.gif (152kb) 00550055.tif (371kb)
Gwynedd, Royersford, North Wales, Ambler 00560056.gif (309kb) 00560056.tif (785kb)
Frederick 00570057.gif (138kb) 00570057.tif (360kb)
Limerick 00580058.gif (162kb) 00580058.tif (449kb)
Pottstown 00590059.gif (354kb) 00590059.tif (1019kb)
Pottsgrove 00600060.gif (143kb) 00600060.tif (377kb)
engravings of local scenes 00610061.gif (214kb) 00610061.tif (750kb)
Douglass, Gilbertsville 00620062.gif (133kb) 00620062.tif (344kb)
New Hanover, Zeigersville 00630063.gif (151kb) 00630063.tif (403kb)
engravings of local scenes 00640064.gif (215kb) 00640064.tif (673kb)
Upper Hanover 00650065.gif (142kb) 00650065.tif (386kb)
Green Lane, East Greenville, Pennsburg 00660066.gif (207kb) 00660066.tif (506kb)
Marlborough, Sumneytown 00670067.gif (125kb) 00670067.tif (297kb)
Franconia, Souderton 00680068.gif (160kb) 00680068.tif (409kb)
Upper Salford, Lower Salford 00690069.gif (293kb) 00690069.tif (752kb)
Hatfield 00700070.gif (158kb) 00700070.tif (384kb)
Montgomery 00710071.gif (113kb) 00710071.tif (281kb)
Upper Dublin 00720072.gif (115kb) 00720072.tif (283kb)
Horsham 00730073.gif (112kb) 00730073.tif (287kb)
Whitemarsh, Springfield 00740074.gif (170kb) 00740074.tif (435kb)
Plymouth 00750075.gif (127kb) 00750075.tif (329kb)
Moreland, Hatboro 00760076.gif (238kb) 00760076.tif (629kb)
Abington and Cheltenham 00770077.gif (176kb) 00770077.tif (475kb)
Lower Merion 00780078.gif (333kb) 00780078.tif (830kb)
engraving of local scenes 00790079.gif (210kb) 00790079.tif (672kb)
Upper Merion, Bridgeport 00800080.gif (334kb) 00800080.tif (890kb)
engravings of local scenes 00810081.gif (205kb) 00810081.tif (592kb)
engravings of local scenes 00820082.gif (162kb) 00820082.tif (506kb)
engravings of local scenes 00830083.gif (212kb) 00830083.tif (654kb)
Business Directory 00840084.gif (155kb) 00840084.tif (374kb)
Business Directory - continued 00850085.gif (175kb) 00850085.tif (424kb)
Business Directory - continued 00860086.gif (177kb) 00860086.tif (434kb)
Business Directory - continued 00870087.gif (178kb) 00870087.tif (432kb)
Business Directory - continued 00880088.gif (179kb) 00880088.tif (432kb)
Business Directory - continued 00890089.gif (120kb) 00890089.tif (269kb)
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