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Historical Atlases of Lower Merion

Montgomery County and Pennsylvania Atlas - 1871

The maps are in two formats: GIF - Graphic Interchange Format, a bit-mapped graphics file format and TIF - Tagged Image File Format, one of the most widely supported file formats for storing bit-mapped images. The size of the image file is expressed in kilobytes. Note that these are very large files.

Title Page 00010001.gif (126kb) 00010001.tif (328kb)
Table of Contents 00020002.gif (196kb) 00020002.tif (481kb)
Air-Line Distances 00030003.gif (236kb) 00030003.tif (629kb)
Outline Map 00040004.gif (209kb) 00040004.tif (531kb)
Norristown 00050005.gif (383kb) 00050005.tif (902kb)
Moreland and West Conshohocken 00060006.gif (211kb) 00060006.tif (522kb)
Horsham, Marble Hall, Barren Hill 00070007.gif (152kb) 00070007.tif (349kb)
Gwynedd and Flourtown 00080008.gif (367kb) 00080008.tif (905kb)
Montgomery and Hatfield 00090009.gif (171kb) 00090009.tif (420kb)
Lower Merion 00100010.gif (457kb) 00100010.tif (1132kb)
Upper Merion 00110011.gif (192kb) 00110011.tif (491kb)
Bridgeport, Greenville, Springtown 00120012.gif (362kb) 00120012.tif (890kb)
Norriton, Souders, Plymouth 00130013.gif (220kb) 00130013.tif (577kb)
Whitpain, Franconia 00140014.gif (232kb) 00140014.tif (566kb)
Upper Providence, Port Providence, Quincyville 00150015.gif (208kb) 00150015.tif (527kb)
Lower Providence 00160016.gif (190kb) 00160016.tif (479kb)
Limerick 00170017.gif (223kb) 00170017.tif (540kb)
Pottsgrove 00180018.gif (228kb) 00180018.tif (579kb)
Pottstown 00190019.gif (296kb) 00190019.tif (766kb)
Douglass, Gilbertsville, Schwenksville 00200020.gif (174kb) 00200020.tif (415kb)
Upper Salford, New Hanover, Towamencin 00210021.gif (388kb) 00210021.tif (916kb)
Conshohocken 00220022.gif (244kb) 00220022.tif (585kb)
Trappe, Perkiomen, Freeland, Collegeville, Upper Dublin 00230023.gif (372kb) 00230023.tif (883kb)
Upper Hanover 00240024.gif (185kb) 00240024.tif (444kb)
Abington and Cheltenham 00250025.gif (228kb) 00250025.tif (566kb)
Worcester, Mooretown, Jenkintown 00260026.gif (179kb) 00260026.tif (410kb)
Whitemarsh, Springfield, Frederick, Harleysville 00270027.gif (345kb) 00270027.tif (803kb)
Lower Salford, Marlborough 00280028.gif (226kb) 00280028.tif (554kb)
West Laurel Hill Cemetary 00290029.gif (142kb) 00290029.tif (348kb)
Pennsylvania - Index Map 00300030.gif (529kb) 00300030.tif (1243kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate A 00310031.gif (493kb) 00310031.tif (1246kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate B 00320032.gif (488kb) 00320032.tif (1191kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate C 00330033.gif (474kb) 00330033.tif (1198kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate D 00340034.gif (640kb) 00340034.tif (1623kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate E 00350035.gif (512kb) 00350035.tif (1355kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate F 00360036.gif (454kb) 00360036.tif (1192kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate G 00370037.gif (634kb) 00370037.tif (1588kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate H 00380038.gif (642kb) 00380038.tif (1716kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate I 00390039.gif (595kb) 00390039.tif (1514kb)
Pennsylvania - Plate J 00400040.gif (591kb) 00400040.tif (1647kb)
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